From 7 to 9 September 2022 Accord Partners kicked off the project that will modernise Digital Building Permit techniques and practices in the beautiful surroundings of Helsinki/Espoo. Over the next three years, the team of 20 European organisations will implement together an ambitious plan, starting from harmonised requirements’ definition, formal rules language and design verification solutions adaptable to Europe and beyond.

The meeting was a great chance to discuss the up-to-date domain landscape with the richness of technologies. From semantics, data models, workflows and microservices to machine learning like Natural Language Processing, each offers added value to the envisioned solutions.

Simultaneously, a variety of pilots from five countries (DE, EE, ES, FI, UK) will provide a diversity of the use cases and regulations within Europe. Digitalisation will enable automation while interoperability, use of open standards and machine-readable regulations is needed to foster open ecosystem growth. Balance of harmonisation and customisation will need to be found. Still, it is also a challenging opportunity to modernise current – often manual – permitting and compliance processes for buildings and infrastructure.

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