Sister projects

In recent years, the digitization of building permits has become a crucial step towards streamlining the construction process, improving efficiency, and ensuring compliance with regulations. Various European countries have embarked on ambitious projects to transition from traditional, paper-based systems to advanced digital platforms. These initiatives are often referred to as “sister projects” due to their similar goals and collaborative nature. Below are some notable European projects focused on digital building permits:


This network promotes the advancement of digital building permits across Europe. It involves collaboration among various European projects and stakeholders to push the digital transition in the construction industry, enhancing efficiency and interoperability.

These projects represent significant efforts across Europe to modernize and streamline the building permit process through digital innovations and collaborative frameworks



This Horizon Europe project aims to simplify and digitize the building permit issuance process, making it more transparent and efficient. The project provides an innovative toolkit that supports digital methods and tools for building permits, integrating city and building digital data. It includes various stakeholders such as municipalities, researchers, and software developers.



 DigiChecks is a European project designed to develop a new digital framework for managing permits and compliance checks in the construction industry. This framework allows interoperability and communication between different platforms, supporting the digitization of the permit validation and approval system across different countries and regions.