Country demonstrations

ACCORD will develop technical solutions that will be demonstrated in real-life construction projects around Europe: Finland, Estonia, Germany, UK and Spain. Each country demonstration will select some regulations or standards and create machine-readable rules out of them. ACCORD’s software partners will implement these rules, using a semantic approach. In practice, a specific rule language will be used to convert the rules into a machine-readable format.

Scenario 1: Healthy, secure, inclusive urban space

Ensured healthy living and working environment for citizens based on the regulations. Efficiency in permit processing with lower error rates for municipalities. Design support tools and pre-submission checks to rise quality and lower corrective actions for designers.

Scenario 2: Automated Checking for Land Use Permitting and Green Building Certification

Digitalised land-use permitting together with lifecycle assessment (LCA) for Green Building Certification and architectural design compliance of industrialized timber housing in the Federal State of Berlin..

Scenario 3: Design integrity of structural components

The UK demonstration will focus on automating the compliance checking of design integrity of structural components for steel modular houses. It will draw on the combination of BIM-based inputs and Finite Element Analysis (FEA). The analysis execution will be done on open-source FEA software and the reporting on a web-based front end. AE’s Structural BIM Viewer will be used as a specialist tool for an open-source structural workflow..

Scenario 4: Land Regulations

The Spanish demonstration will focus on automating the checking of compliance with urban regulations. It will focus on submission and zoning demands, technical demands (e.g. geometry, structural, fire) and environmental demands (e.g. energy, carbon, waste). The permitting process will be applicable in the design and construction stages of the building’s lifecycle, using BIM and cadastre data as the main input data sources.