Spain – Urban Regulations

The Spanish demonstration will focus on automating the checking of compliance with urban regulations, including dangerous materials and coastal law, for major works licenses in a municipality in Spain. The permitting process will be applicable in both public and private buildings in the design and construction stages of the building’s lifecycle, using BIM and cadastre data as the main input data sources.

Various use cases will be considered in the development of several building renovations and new construction projects that have been planned by the Malgrat de Mar City Council, which is the entity responsible for granting the permits:

  • Project 1: Renovation of a cultural centre.
  • Project 2: Expansion of the production plant of the company AGC (Formerly Boehringer Ingelheim).
  • Project 3: Design and construction of a set of terraced houses.

The automation of regulatory compliance checking will focus on submission and zoning demands, technical demands (e.g. geometry, structural, fire) and environmental demands (e.g. energy, carbon, waste).

Figure Part of the Spanish building permit process