ACCORD - Automating the Building Permitting and Compliance

ACCORD is a Horizon Europe project (2022-2025) that focuses on automating the building permit and compliance processes using BIM and other data sources. ACCORD develops a Semantic Framework that will be demonstrated in five real-life construction projects around Europe: Finland, Estonia, Germany, UK and Spain. The framework includes semantic interoperability, a rule formalisation tool and integrated micro-services for building permit and compliance checking.

From landscape to objectives


ACCORD’s main result is the semantic building permitting framework based on microservices that integrate many manual steps in the building permit process into a semi-automated workflow.
ACCORD will also develop

  • a rule formalisation tool, based on semantic web technologies, allowing formalisation of regulations into a standardized rule representation format.
  • a Ruleset Database allows for the storage and retrieval of rules stored in a semantic format for applications of various stakeholders when using building permitting and compliance checking services
    Building Compliance Checking Microservices supporting various use cases
  • open standardized Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) (D4.2) for building compliance and other information services to allow integrated dataflows between building permitting, building compliance, and other information services


Key exploitable results (KERs) are preliminarily identified in three areas:

  1. Technical standards and harmonised guidelines for software and platform development for the use-case of automated digital building permit process.
  2. Guidelines and information requirements for the usage process (for disciplines).
  3. Body of knowledge, e.g., awareness-raising information package and E-learning courses.

Related Activities

Accord is actively contributing to the European digital building permit community of practice though exchange with the sister projects: CHEK and DigiChecks, buildingSMART Regulatory Room, BRIESE and others. Learn more.