ACCORD at Building Digital Twin International Congress 3.5.2023

ACCORD will held a workshop on digital building permitting with ACCORD’s sister projects DigiChecks and CHEK at the Building Digital Twin International Congress on 3rd of May, 2023 in Antwerpen, Belgium.

Title “TO-BE Process for Digital Automated Building Permit”

  • Preliminary agenda of the to-be process workshop (facilitated by Judith Fauth, EUnet4DBP) at 9-10:30 am CET in Antwerp/Beacon, 3.5.2023
  • To-be building permit processes by Horizon Europe’s sister projects (max. 25 min)
  • To-be process map by CHEK (Francesca Noardo)
  • To-be process ideas by ACCORD (Rita Lavikka)
  • To-be process ideas by DigiChecks (Juan Ramon Mena)
  • (All report on experiences of the methodologies to get the results as well as pointing out specific difficulties and concerns.)
  • Mapping generic phases of a to-be process on the board based on the presentations (together 10 min, interactive part)
  • Identification of requirements, stakeholders, and technologies into the respective phases on the board (individual 10 min)
  • Discussion to rearrange the produced map (together 45 min)