User requirements for digital building permit solutions

Eliciting Survey Requirements from Industry Survey

The ACCORD industry survey of potential scenarios for the digitalisation of building permits asked respondents of EU member states several questions related to requirement elicitation exploring the technological, commercial, and political requirements of achieving digital building permitting. 43 text responses from the 472 completed surveys were analysed providing inputs for the user requirements for the digital building permit solutions. The summarized result is presented below.


  • Provide a standardised data schema to formally document building permitting processes.  
  • Provide the ability to pre-check for compliance prior to formal submission.  
  • Provide data requirements for building permitting as a standardised data schema.
  • Support standardised model formats for building data submission.  
  • Provide auditable rule processes to track decisions.  
  • Provide the ability to link building permitting processes, applicable legislation, and building data standards.  
  • Provide open access to limited data about building permitting assessments.  
  • Provide a standardised submission process.  
  • Provide the ability to link BIM and GIS datasets.  
  • Have an intuitive user-friendly user interface.  
  • Should retain the ability for manual human input.  
  • Should provide robust and secure data infrastructure.  
  • Should adopt and support Open APIs.  
  • Should enable the collection of suitable evidence to complement assessments.  
  • Provide the generation of human-readable and machine-readable reporting based on submissions. 
  • Should ensure correlation between passes/failures and regulations.  
  • Should provide suitable security models to differentiate between users to enable the selection of an appropriate user to assess a given regulation.  
  • Should support and enable direct communication between the submitter and regulator