Related activities

Existing efforts in digitalisation of building permits

Several efforts towards the digitalisation of the building permit processes are being carried out in Europe. For example, the European Network for Digital Building Permits (EUnet4DP), a network of researchers, public authorities, professionals, and stakeholders (75 organizations from 16 countries) have been collaborating to advance the development and implementation of BIM-based building permit. The work includesthe definition of a common strategy for the digitalisation of building permit, working on topics such as interoperability, procedures and data optimization, standardization, and best practices.

The European-funded projects Chek Digital Building Permit (CHEK DBP) and Digichecks are currently conducting research and developing new technologies in the field. CHEK DBP aims to develop a toolkit of methods and technologies based on open standards and data exchange. DigiChecks objective is to provide a flexible, efficient, and easy-to-use solution for construction permit validation. Both CHEK DBP and DigiChecks are sister projects of ACCORD, funded by the same Horizon Europe call.  


In the regulatory domain, the buildingSMART International in the buildingSMART Regulatory Room aims to assist the gradual change in the workflow from a manual to an automated regulatory process using openBIM standards applied to new technologies. 

There are also several ongoing national development projects on the topic. ACCORD reports on these projects in the Landscape Review Report that will be publicly available.  

Several past efforts have also been made, for example in projects, such as Future City Pilot and BRISEFuture City Pilotaimed to demonstrate the use of  CityGML and IFC datin order to provide information, knowledge, and insights to improve financial social, and environmental outcomes for citizens and stakeholders. BRISE means Building Regulations Information for Submission Involvement anstands for smart, efficient administration. BRISE supports the municipality of Vienna, Austria in the digitalisation of building applications and building permits using Building Information Modeling(BIM)Artificial intelligence (AI), and Augmented Reality (AR).