Welcome to the Accord survey.

The ACCORD project is aiming to digitalise permitting and compliance processes using BIM and other data sources. It is our view that these digitised processes must be human-centred, transparent, and cost-effective for the permit applicants and authorities and, above all, relevant for the industry within which they are to be employed.  To ensure the industry relevance of our work, the project is conducting this survey to understand the attitudes of stakeholders to the prospective digitalisation of this domain in a range of European countries.  This survey will ask questions about yourself, your views on the possible adoption of digital building permitting and automated compliance checking. It will also ask what you view as the benefits of digital building permitting and if you have any ideas of the future requirements in order to achieve its wider adoption. As a participant of the survey you will have the option to receive updates on the progress of the project, or sign up for our newsletter.

All data collected in this survey will be held securely in accordance with the data protection act (UK) and GDPR (EU) regulations. Personal data collected (your e-mail address) will only be used to contact you in follow-up to this survey, and this will only happen if you allow it. Cookies and personal data stored by your Web browser are not used in this survey.