Urban Planning: Digital Building Permits Platforms

Building and Urban Planning day in DataWeek

Accord Project has been prominently represented in the DataWeek event in Leipzig co-organised by the Open Geospatial Consortium and the GEOE3 project. Specifically, Katja Breitenfelder from Fraunhofer participated in a session focused on “Urban Planning: Digital Building Permits Platforms.” and Kai-Uwe Krause from XLeitstelle Hamburg gave an introduction to the XPlanung and XBau standards in the “Urban Planning: Diverse activities towards Digital Building Permits”.

The primary theme of this session revolved around Digital Building Permit initiatives, and it aimed to provide an overview and diverse viewpoints on this topic. As planning and construction processes increasingly adopt digital solutions, digital building permits have gained importance for streamlining and enhancing the permit application and approval process.

Urban Planning: Digital Building Permits Platforms.

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The session included participation from several notable projects and individuals:

1. ACCORD EU Project – Katja Breitenfelder (Fraunhofer)

2. CHEK EU Project – Arne Shilling (Virtual )

3. Gaia-X iECO project – Christoph Strnadl (Software AG) & Hannes Heitzhausen (RIB Software GmbH)

The session also featured a panel discussion on software architectures and interoperability for digital building permits. This discussion likely delved into the technical aspects of creating systems that seamlessly communicate and share information, ensuring a smoother and more efficient permit process.

Urban Planning: Diverse activities towards Digital Building Permits

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Initiatives, examples, and plans towards integrated models (GIS – BIM) applications for construction and built environment use cases.

  • Dr. Judith Fauth (EUnet4DBP): EUnet4DBP and current activities
  • BIMpermit application – André Vonthron (VSK Software)
  • BRISE Vienna project – Christian Schranz (TU Wien)
  • XPlanung and XBau standards – Kai-Uwe Krause (XLeitstelle Hamburg)

Overall, the sessions involving ACCORD Project’s participation in DataWeek in Leipzig showcased the organization’s commitment to advancing the field of digital building permits and leveraging techno-legal standards to bring transparency and efficiency to the urban planning and construction sectors.